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Billing and Payments


All invoices are to be paid on the day of consultation and our staff are available to assist you with any billing questions. Please note that Medicare no longer issue cheques so we will arrange for the Medicare rebate to be deposited directly into your bank account.  Payment by debit or credit card is preferred.   All of our doctors determine their own fees.

Pensioners and Veterans

Pensioners and veterans must present their current valid entitlement card at their first visit. Patients whose accounts are to be handled by a third party must bring all pertinent information with them at the time of appointment. Non-residents will be required to settle accounts at the time of the appointment. All patients are requested to pay accounts on the day of appointment.


Accounts for hospital procedures will be forwarded to your Health Fund directly, uninsured patients are asked to discuss payment arrangements with our Practice Manager prior to procedures being performed. Credit card payments are accepted over the telephone on (03) 9805 4305.